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Ranting about my job and what not.

According to http://www.livejournal.com/misc/whereami.bml?authas=mandois4lovers

mandois4lovers is a porterhouse
love_shine_mp3 is a porterhouse as well.
I am not really sure what that means but yeah whatever idk.

Anywho, today was AWFUL. First of all, I went to work really sick and I didn't feel like doing, caring, or harrassing ppl over the following:
:Rewards Cards.
:Back To School Donations.
:Telling them to take some gay-ass survey and "win" $1000 dollars.

Kurt came in too see if I was coming home and ended up staying like 30 minutes (but bought stuff too) which really made my manager all pissy and I had to go to his office and he said that I was being deceptive about who he was and that I am unproffesional...? I am like THE HARDEST WORKING PERSON THERE. This one dude's daughter like LIVES in the breakroom while he is at work and like escapes the breakroom and annoys ppl (aka:me) and my boyfriend can't visit me while i'm at work and sick????????????? When I asked to please go home!!! ><


Anyways...I think that my managers are very deceptive to customers esp. Zuzana Sirancova. She tells customers all this crazy crap so that buy more things. Like that without a memory card they can only take two pictures when really its more like 15-18. If they buy printers they say they come with only enough ink to print about two pages (really untrue) and no cord to plug into their computers (sometimes true sometimes false)

PLUS the rewards card...they say you save 5% back on all their purchases when really you don't save anything (unless you have a star teacher card)and the 5% is REALLY after your purchase of 200 dollars or more and not valid on the purchase of computers and what not. So really, its a bunch of pens and junk. And you have to spend that 200 dollars within the given quarter (or three office depot months) and its only valid BEFORE taxes.

Anyways, they suck I rule bc im not making office depot my career and im taking the first oppurtunity to work at school and church that becomes available.


That whole situation made feel really hurt and embarrased.

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